Workers in Emergency Medical Services perform life-saving work. The role of dispatchers and paramedics is critical in responding to 911 calls and ensuring people in crisis receive the medical attention they need.

The EMS sector is under-resourced and underfunded. For too long, our life-saving work has been taken for granted by employers and governments.

We can’t continue with the status quo. CUPE is calling on provincial and municipal governments to take immediate action to address the longstanding crisis in the EMS sector.

911: We Can’t Wait

We can’t wait for people in our communities to get help when they need it. We can’t wait for an end to chronic ambulance shortages.  We can’t wait for improved working conditions for paramedics, dispatchers and the support staff who deliver vital care in our communities.

We need urgent action by the Ontario and municipal governments right now.

Our families, our communities, and our EMS Services: WE CAN’T WAIT.